It's still unknown why Junior Seau committed suicide. Some have suggested that perhaps injuries to the brain during his NFL career led to his actions, but that is pure speculation.

Even if Seau didn't suffer greatly from hits he took in the NFL, he felt the game needed to change. In March, Seau told Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated that he supported commissioner Roger Goodell's actions to lessen injuries in the game.

It has to happen, Seau said. Those who are saying the game is changing for the worse, well, they don't have a father who can't remember his name because of the game. I'm pretty sure if everybody had to wake with their dad not knowing his name, not knowing his kids' name, not being able to function at a normal rate after football, they would understand that the game needs to change. If it doesn't there are going to be more players, more great players, being affected by the things that we know of and aren't changing. That's not right.

The former linebacker didn't indicate that he was suffering from any of the symptoms he mentioned, but he was certainly in favor of the direction Goodell has been taking.

Seau's sudden death has led many to speculate that he decided to take his own life because of head injuries he suffered in the NFL. A few former players have committed suicide in recent years, and some have said the injuries the players sustained on the field led them to ending their lives.

Former Bears safety Dave Duerson shot himself in 2011, and asked for his brain to studied. Now, Seau's brain will be studied as well.

It's not thought that Seau's intentions were for his brain to be studied like Duerson, but Chargers team chaplain Shawn Mitchell says Seau's family will allow researchers to see if he was suffering from damage resulting from concussions.

Boston University asked Seau's family if it could study the former Charger's brain, but they were still unsure on Thursday. BU was able to confirm that Duerson suffered from a neurodegenerative disease linked to concussions after studying his brain.

Seau's family says he didn't appear depressed and never complained about concussion-related issues.