Today, a jury has begun deliberations in the trial of two New York City police officers accused in the rape of a drunken woman after they were called to escort her home. 

Two officers are charged with rape, burglary, official misconduct and other charges in December 2008 incident. Kenneth Moreno, accused of raping a fashion executive into her East Village apartment, as his partner Franklin Mata stood watch. 
The officers deny any criminal wrongdoing. Moreno said the woman invited him into her bed, and that he only cuddled there, while Mata said he was sleeping on the couch. 

Prosecutor Coleen Balbert said in the closing arguments, that Moreno may not have believed that sex with the woman was rape, but it was, in her physically helpless condition. 

Moreno and Mata were arrested in April 2009. After seven weeks of emotional and graphic testimony, the closing arguments had lasted three days. 

Moreno's attorny Joseph Tacopina pointed to a lack of forensic evidence as proof of innocence, noting that the apartment's surveillance camera footage of the victim on the night of the incident shows she was more sober than prosecutors allege, according to Reuters. 

On Monday, Mata's attorney Edward Mandery questioned the victim's memory of the incident, saying It's very dangerous to rely upon the testimony of someone who doesn't have a clear memory.

Reuters reported that Mandery also said that the victim has a vested interest in the prosecution of the officers because she has filed a $57 million lawsuit against their employer, the city of New York.