As any true fan knows, March 1 marks the 22nd birthday of one of music’s most beloved names, Justin Bieber. Despite a relatively tumultuous year, the singer’s star continues to rise from his beginnings as a young YouTube sensation. 

Bieber got his start when his mother, Pattie Mallette, began posting videos of the youngster so that they could be more easily shared with friends and family. However, the videos quickly went viral, propelling him to massive amounts of unexpected fame. After a chance encounter with Usher resulted in his first record deal, Bieber released the My World EP in 2009. This rocketed his already impressive career into the stratosphere, making him the first solo artist to ever have four Top 40 singles before even releasing an album, according to his Biography page

Bieber, who can also boast being the youngest artist to have five number-one albums in the U.S., has had a long and storied career since his debut in ‘09. To help remind fans of his humble beginnings, below are some fast facts about the 22-year-old singer on his birthday. 

  • He’s a fan of the TV Shows “Friends” and “Smallville.” (ABC News).
  • He cut off his hair in 2011 and auctioned it off for charity. According to People, it sold for $40,668, which went right to the animal rescue organization The Gentle Barn Foundation.
  • It was revealed in a 2012 article from GQ that Bieber’s dad, Jeremy, is a former MMA fighter. However, despite a brief boxing phase, the singer isn’t necessarily following in his dad’s footsteps. 
  • He was born in Stratford, Ontario, Canada in 1994. 
  • He’s pretty good at solving Rubik’s Cubes, even under the pressure of a talk show.
  • He has a slew of friends in the business including Will Smith, Kanye West, the Kardashians and more. In fact, a lot of them showed up to his 2016 birthday bash the weekend before the big day. (Us Weekly
  • According to Celebrity Net Worth, he’s currently valued at $200 million. His earning power is estimated to be between $60 million  and $80 million per year.
  • He’s had some trouble with the law between 2013 and 2015. According to CNN, his latest incident involved an ATV accident in Canada. He was found guilty of assault and careless driving in June 2015.
  • He won his first Grammy award in 2015 for his work on the song “Where Are Ü Now.” (MTV)