Justin Bieber became a target after a cyberpunk battled E Online on social media.

Verified accounts have had something to fear the past few weeks as multiple media outlets have had their feeds adulterated, with E Online the latest victim of an unknown assailant.

On Saturday, the entertainment-news outlet’s hacked Twitter feed reported Justin Bieber as being gay. It also was littered with profanities during the hacker’s assault.

The adulterated account read: “Breaking! Exclusive: Justin Bieber to E!online ‘I’m a gay.’” It also said: “E! News Breaking: Justin Bieber arrested in Dubai due to false tweets with him coming out situation developing.”

Later the same day, an E Online representative told TheWrap: “Eonline’s breaking news twitter and sms accounts were compromised today. We’re working to have this resolved as quickly as possible and are fully investigating the incident. We apologize for any confusion that the erroneous news alerts may have caused.”

Meanwhile, E Online’s Twitter account was suspended. It was restored Sunday, but, at the time of this article’s publication, no new tweets had been posted. Instead, the most recent tweet -- from Saturday -- was an explanation of the false and offensive tweets: “Our account @eonline has been compromised and some incorrect information was sent out. We're working with Twitter now to fix this.”

Bieber, who is currently in Dubai on a world tour, has not yet publicly commented on the false claims about his sexuality.