After the pop sensation Justin Bieber fought back against Mariah Yeater's claim that he's the father of her 3-months old baby, by saying he had never met her and it's absolute bulls**t lies, the San Diego-based mother spoke out confidently in an interview with CBS' The Insider, saying that she has sufficient evidence to prove her claims in court.

I have nothing to hide, the Daily Fill cited the Yeater as saying.

I have provided evidence to my attorneys, Yeater said.It'll show in court that my allegations are true.

The San Diego mother said that she had attempted to contact Bieber before contemplating the legal action. But now, she said she wants Bieber to provide adequate support for her son Tristyn's needs.

He immediately took a liking to me, Yeater said on The Insider. We just got to talking and then he eventually asked me, 'Do you mind if we can go somewhere and be alone?'

We went, and on the walk to wherever his destination was, he asked, or he was telling me, that he'd like to make love to me, all sweet and cute and touchy, and then when we got to, it turned out to be a bathroom, his whole demeanor changed. It went from cute and gushy to, just, more aggressive, she said.

Bieber has responded to Yeater's claims by tweeting, so I'm going to ignore the rumors ... and focus on what is real. An opportunity to help by doing what i love. Judge me on the music! Love y'all!

I think it's crazy because every night after the show...none of it is true, Bieber stressed.

However, the strongest response of Bieber is that he has agreed to take the DNA test. The singer is away for two weeks on an Europe trip. According to reports, the DNA test results might be revealed on the 'Maury' show.

Meanwhile, Yeater's lawyer Jeffrey Leaving said on Dr. Drew Pinksy's Lifechangers show earlier this week that the teen sensation's DNA test would prove he is indeed the father of Tristyn.

Is Tristyn really Bieber's love-child? To find that out, we'll need to wait for the paternity test result. (Click Start to view the photos of Yeater, Bieber, and the son)