It might be too soon for Justin Bieber to wash his hands of Mariah Yeater, whose lawyer insisted Wednesday that the crooner head to California to subject himself to a second paternity test after taking one a few days earlier to confront the allegation that he fathered her baby.

Attorney Jeffrey Leving told the New York Daily News that he and Yeater want to be with Bieber's camp during the test to see that nobody makes a mistake.

This case is unique in terms of media interest, celebrity and the amount of potential child support at issue, Leving said. There could be motives on the parts of many different people to corrupt the evidence.

Leving said his devotion to Yeater's cause is such that he'll stand by her even if the results come back negative.

If Justin Bieber is not the father, then my opinion is that I'd have to explore this further because every child has a right to know who his father is, he said.

Although no court ordered Bieber to take a paternity test, he said on The View Wednesday he did it because he wanted to reveal the truth.

I just wanted everything to be out in the open, and be like, 'Listen, there's no reason for this to be a discussion,' Bieber said.

Nevertheless, Bieber passed on the opportunity to have Maury Povich announce his test results on television when employees from the talk show Maury propositioned him.

Maury is trusted by millions of viewers, former Maury executive producer Amy Rosenblum told The Huffington Post Nov. 9, and if Maury told Justin, 'You are not the father,' everyone would believe it.