Justin Bieber could be kicking off each one of his 2016 concerts by saying "Sorry" to his audience for his past mistakes. The "What Do You Mean?" singer will reportedly begin each one of the shows on his "Purpose" tour with a video showing his fall and return to music.

According to TMZ, each show will begin with a visual display of the 21-year-old singer falling through dark clouds and a storm that represents the troubles he's faced over the past few years. While this video is shown, the audience will hear voice recordings of Bieber talking about his mistakes before he finds a new path and moves "gracefully towards the heavens."

Reports say the projection screen will show "abstract visuals of Justin falling through a dark, clouded atmosphere. He will be screaming, reaching and possibly passing through barriers as he descends into the dark unknown." After this, Bieber will take the stage and start singing to the crowd.

The "dark unknown" that Bieber will be falling through could represent the legal issues the singer has had to deal with in the past. He was charged with vandalism in January 2014 for throwing eggs at his neighbor's home in Calabasas, California, and was also arrested for a DUI in Miami that same month. CNN reported in June 2015, that Bieber was found guilty of assault and careless driving after he was arrested in August 2014 when his ATV collided with a minivan near Stratford, Ontario. Since then, Bieber has returned to his music and released his new album, "Purpose," in November 2015.

Bieber fans are anxious to see him live in concert, especially after how 2015 ended with some canceled shows. Bieber was supposed to perform at the Thanksgiving Day Parade on CBS and on the "Late Show With Stephen Colbert" in November, but he didn't do the shows. TMZ reported that he was spent "emotionally and physically." The move might have been a wise one considering how busy his 2016 tour schedule is.

Bieber's U.S. and Canada tour kicks off on March 9 in Seattle and ends on July 19 in New York City at Madison Square Garden. Following these dates, the "Love Yourself" singer will head over seas to Europe, where he will tour from September through November. You can find a complete list of tour dates and ticket information here.