Justin Bieber finally became legally an adult Thursday. The Canadian pop singer celebrated his 18th birthday with Ryan Seacrest on his 102.7 Kiss FM radio program.

During the interview, Seacrest asked Bieber about American actress and singer Selena Gomez's diamond studded J ring which speculated the lovebird's engagement rumors.

However, Bieber denied the rumor saying that the news was absolutely not true.

First and foremost, I'm not engaged. You know, we're still young, at this moment in time, this is where I am, so that's all I can really say, Celebuzz quoted Bieber as saying.

Gomez was spotted wearing the ring around Valentine's Day, which people assumed was an engagement ring.

Bieber has involved in a serious relationship with Gomez, but the lovebirds are not ready to talk about their engagement.

Earlier, Bieber shared his thoughts about his future and getting married young and starting a family life, but he did not mention the young.

However, even Gomez denied the rumors that she was engaged to boyfriend Bieber.

As for career, Bieber has been busy working with lot of big artistes.

I'm now 18 and I'm going to be trying to get an older audience, as well as keeping my younger audience, but just making that good music that everybody can like and vibe to, Bieber said.

I've been in the studio working with a bunch of different people like Timbaland, Pharrell, and just a bunch of cool people. But, then we're trying to work with people that people aren't familiar with. So, that we create something completely different as well. So, we're making the best album we can.