What better way to attract Twitter followers than getting Justin Bieber to send out your first Tweet to his 23,371,863 followers.

The Today Show host, Matt Lauer passed his phone to Justin Bieber on Friday asking for help to launch his @Mlauer Twitter handle.

I'm going to speak very proper because I know that's how you talk, Bieber said, before savvily sending out the tweet:

Hello. Everyone go buy Justin Bieber's album #believe coming out June 19th.

Within six hours of sending out the post,Lauer has acquired over a hundred thousand followers.

Lauer's second tweet added even more hype and followers. If you want to find out Justin's first song he's performing tweet me, he writes.

An hour later Lauer posted a picture with Bieber and then tweeted, Ok...impressed! Justin has driven this to 100k in five hours! Still a way to go till tat media guy streaks.

Lauer's Twitter handle as well as Today started trending on Twitter worldwide after Bieber put out the tweet.

Bieber fans have been camping outside the Rockefeller Center in New York since Tuesday to glimpse Bieber's debut on the Today Show.

Bieber's new album Believe will be released on June 19. According to Lauer the new music will set the tone for Bieber's transitioning from teen pop sensation to an adult artist.

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