Justin Bieber needs to be told that he is not so funny after all.

A tweet from Bieber, meant as a joke, has caused an elderly woman so much trouble that she wants an apology from him.

The 88-year-old woman from Texas says that the popstar caused her phone to ring off the hook day and night.

The woman's phone started ringing non-stop after a message on Bieber's Twitter feed urged his over 19 million followers to call him right now. The tweet was accompanied by a phone number with Dallas area code and the last number was kept a mystery.

His fans obviously started frantically calling the number with all possible 10 different digits.

ABC News reported that the woman, Dilcie Fleming, a great-grandmother has been receiving calls from Bieber's fans during all hours, leaving messages for him, including a message from a girl saying that she wanted to have his children.

Fleming in an interview with ABC news said, I had no idea what was going on. I was told that this young man put a number up on the tweeter, or whatever it's called, but left off the last digit. People were punching in until they got an answer.

An upset Fleming expressed her frustration saying, You kind of get upset and frustrated, you know. It's just a constant thing. I feel so sorry for these young girls. I may have been out of line but I told one of them girls I talked to, 'He doesn't care about you. You're just making money for him.'

The continuous calls which started as a result of the tweet sent out March 7 have reduced, but Fleming had to change her answering machine recorded message to explain that her number does not belong to Bieber.

Fleming told ABC news that although she consulted an attorney, she has no plans to sue him. All she expects is a written apology.

When asked if she was planning to change her number, she said, I've had this number since 1966 and I'm not about to change it. I think if this young man would put out that this was an error and he apologized, maybe people would quit calling.