Justin Bourque, the suspect who is believed to have killed three police officers and injured two in the east coast Canadian province of New Brunswick on Wednesday, was arrested early on Friday, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or RCMP, said.

RCMP in New Brunswick wrote on its Twitter account that Bourque was arrested just after midnight in Moncton, ending the massive manhunt for the 24-year-old man. The arrest came two days after he went on a shooting spree carrying two rifles and wearing camouflage clothes. Police officials reportedly said that Bourque was spotted thrice on Thursday but was not arrested, and the motive in the shooting remains unclear.


“He was in my backyard. I saw him arrested in front of my eyes. He is alive. Thank you,” Michelle Thibodeau, a Twitter user, wrote on her account. She also added that she heard the suspect say “I’m done” prior to his arrest, when the SWAT team arrived at the location and asked him to surrender.


Rae Banwarie, president of the Mounted Police Professional Association Canada, reportedly said: “In the very best tradition of the RCMP, these officers selflessly put themselves in danger to protect others. Tragically they have paid the ultimate price.

"We are so very saddened that it cost these officers and their families so much. We hope their bravery and courage will give those now grieving their loss some measure of comfort during this unbelievably difficult time,” he said, according to Newsroom America.

Gun attacks are extremely rare in Canada, which has a relatively low crime rate compared to its southern neighbor, and is known for stricter gun laws than those prevalent in the U.S. The last multiple killings of Canadian police officers reportedly took place in Mayerthorpe, Alberta, in 2005, when four RCMP officers were killed.

“Never in my darkest dreams did I ever think that we would be facing what we’re facing today in Moncton,” George LeBlanc, mayor of Moncton, told reporters on Thursday, according to The New York Times. “If this can happen in Moncton, it can happen anywhere.”