Justin Foster, a current 18-year-old West Virginia University student, ended a teacher’s career after posting nude pictures of Anna Michelle Walters on his Twitter account, along with intimate text messages.

Foster claims he and Walters had a sexual relationship, and after the allegations, Walters was fired from Cosby High School in Virginia, where she was a substitute teacher.

Chesterfield schools spokesman Shawn Smith said  in a release, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch that “An immediate school investigation was conducted and the substitute teacher is no longer employed as of the end of that same day.”

Since the incident was made public, Foster has said that he does not feel bad about exposing Walters. 

Foster, who uses the twitter handle ‘DubVeeU’ wrote on his account, “awh [sic] come on? Cause [sic] I’m a guy I can’t be the victim #narrowminded.”

But most people on twitter are disagreeing with him. 

On Friday, twitter user ‏@AllHailMyPUMPS wrote, Im [sic] trying to figure out why @DubVeeU is being praised though?He ruined that teachers LIFE!Period!”

@50ShadesOfBlack wrote, “It's because of little [expletive] like you that get excited over any play they get that makes us men (black men mind you) look stupid, @DubVeeU.”

‏@HannesHervieu said, “@DubVeeU Hey, just want you to know That you're a big thing in Sweden...and we all think you're a very sad person.”

Foster does not seem to mind the backlash, however, tweeting on Thursday, “I love how many people are hating on/bashing me. What's done is done get over it.”

Accordint to the Daily News, Walters is now facing a police investigation to see if she had sexual contact with any student aside from Foster. It is also unclear at the moment whether or not Foster was underage when they had their sexual relationship.

While Foster was tweeting constantly since releasing the personal photos of Anna Walters and private text messages, he has yet to write anything since Thursday afternoon.