Justin Theroux almost died on his honeymoon. The "Leftovers" star and new husband of actress Jennifer Aniston opened up on Friday about his trip to Bora Bora and revealed that he had a near-death experience while vacationing.

During an interview on "Live with Kelly and Michael," Theroux dished on his and Aniston's "party honeymoon" with friends and explained that he decided to go scuba diving while on the trip.

The 44-year-old actor said the first day was so much fun that he brought his friends back with him the next day. Theroux explained that the second time around, he had a different diving instructor and the guy couldn't speak a lot of English.

"There was this kind of French guy," Theroux told hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan. "There was no communicating. We could not talk and I was telling him I have only done this once."

Theroux said the instructor put an oxygen tank on him that had already been used, and not long after diving in the water he noticed that his tank was on red and he was running out of oxygen.

"I'm really deep in the red, it's like at one," the actor said.

Theroux said he tried to remain calm and swam to the instructor to let him know that he needed help but the instructor brushed him off and told him to keep swimming with the group. The actor explained that he couldn't swim to the top because they were too far down.

"He just keeps swimming away from me," Theroux said. "So I go over to my friend."

Eventually, he said he did get the instructor's attention and the guy put his emergency respirator on him.

"First of all, why are we doing an emergency [respirator] when the Earth is straight up there," Theroux joked. "Now I'm linked to this jerk and I have to swim alongside him. Finally, he rolls his eyes and we go up [to the surface]."

Theroux said he was angry when he got back to the boat, but said the instructor later explained that he used the emergency respirator because it would have been too much for Theroux to swim to the surface on a low oxygen tank.

As previously reported, Theroux and Aniston got married in a private ceremony in August at the couple's Bel Air home. The newlyweds have been relatively quiet about their nuptials and honeymoon, but Aniston did say that the ceremony was a “beautiful, private moment.”