Another Timberlake is waiting to get famous. Jonathan Timberlake -- brother of “Sexy Back” singer Justin Timberlake -- is making his debut as a producer.

Jonathan, 22, worked with new artist LIV on the single "Poison in the Blood," which will be released Friday. He has posted some behind-the-scenes photos of the music video on his Instagram and YouTube profiles.

Jonathan revealed the big news on his Instagram account some time back. He told fans he has been working with an artist named Liv Miraldi (screen name LIV) from Nashville, Tennessee's Belmont University, "in a music history class my sophomore year in college." The two have been "working on a music project (in secret, for the most part)...for quite some time now.”

"Little did I know in meeting this girl that I'd be meeting the person that I'd embark on such a crazy, creative journey with," wrote Jonathan. "But I'll save that whole story for later. Now, I'd like to get back to what I haven't been telling all of you," he wrote. Jonathan and LIV have not released anything yet and not promoted themselves much because they wanted to “focus on making the music.”

“We've wanted to make music that truly means something to us, as well as our generation and the world we live in," he added. "So, we worked. And we worked. And then, we worked some more...Now? It's time for you to hear and see the first of what we've done."

The duo has also released a teaser of their upcoming music video on YouTube. LIV can be seen singing in the studio as some fantastic drums play in the background. "Poison in the Blood” is available now for pre-order on Apple iTunes.