Viewing the striking creations of Katey Brunini is like stepping into a fantasy world where natural elements morph into glistening bejeweled treasures. The organic nature of K. Brunini designs is overt and mesmerizing with motifs such as bones, spider webs and DNA strands. As a designer, Katey is bold and inventive with an eye for dramatic flair.

From the graceful simplicity of her Twig collection jewelry to the wildness of her Spirit Animals designs, Katey imbues each piece with a kinetic energy that makes them almost seem animated. The combination of detailed design work and precious materials results in objects of intense beauty. Radiant 18k gold, sterling silver, diamonds and vibrant gemstones are accented by less common jewelry materials like bone, wood and antler.

By incorporating these unconventional materials, Brunini enhances the elemental nature of her jewelry while also establishing a unique aesthetic. One could be forgiven for almost expecting these designs to begin moving and speaking as they seem to possess a special magic. This is jewelry for dreamers and people who sense an inherent spirituality in the various elements of nature.

Nautilus Ring
Hummingbird Necklace
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