Nothing heats up a summer like a hot romance. Dating rumors are swirling about "Doctors Crush" star Park Shin Hye and "W" actor Lee Jong Suk — while "Oh My Venus" actress Shin Min Ah and "Uncontrollably Fond" actor Kim Woo Bin have been together for months. Is a K-pop marriage in the offing? 

"When I was younger I wanted to marry early, like at 23,"  Park Shin Hye has said.  "Year by year I found things I wanted to do, and the thought of marriage disappeared. But I don't want to marry too late. Around 31? I want to marry after traveling alone, meeting many people and experiencing a variety of things, and when I'm certain I can be responsible of myself." 


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Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin are top Korean stars and a popular celebrity couple. They haven't said they're engaged or set a date. But here's why people think they'd be a great pair.


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"I don't care about the age," Shin Min Ah has said. "I am growing to like younger men more and more." Is that a hint? Kim Woo Bin is five years younger than she. And he, meanwhile, has expressed his interest in being a good family man. 

"I want to be a husband and a father who's like a friend, because that's how my mother was to me," he told the KBS 2 talk show, "Midnight Entertainment."



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