KACHING KACHING, Inc., the first-of-its-kind online retail chain which transforms licensees into actual storeowners able to deal directly with manufacturers/distributors, announced the launch of a new website www.kachingkaching.com and a new OTCBB ticker symbol (KCKC) today.

Founder and CEO of KCKC, Robert McNulty, the creator of hugely successful Shopping.com (which brings multiple categories together into one e-commerce framework, and was later sold to Compaq for $220M), highlighted the truly unique market position afforded by virtue of being the first and only company to offer direct sales and marketing of retail stores online.

McNulty asserted that this ability to license “co-branded proprietary online storefronts to independent direct marketers who are able to earn the highest commissions on a full-time or part-time basis” constitutes a level of flexibility and stock selection which is unprecedented.

Each store will have an inventory of millions of items and literally thousands of brand name products which can be moved at category-beating prices while reducing overhead and freeing up resources to be applied to world-class customer service.

McNulty pointed to an ongoing development agreement with Beyond Commerce, Inc., (BYOC) www.beyondcommerce.com, to produce a proprietary line of branded skincare, dietary supplements/vitamins and weight management products as an example of the ways the Company and Independent Store Owners (ISO’s) will maximize profitability.

As online retail has grown over the last 12 years to gobble up an ever larger slice of the overall retail market, posting 20% annual growth rates and today representing some $150B a year ($230B projected within the next four years), the means and modes of service haven’t changed much – until now.

KACHING KACHING plans to exploit this opening by having 100,000 licensees up and operating within the next year, creating such a vast network that it becomes a force unto itself and will likely capture a significant portion of the online retail space.

The Company has also named ASP and Consulting Services firm, Exigo Office Inc., www.exigo.com, as technology partner due to the vast expertise with enterprise applications which will be essential as KCKC rolls out marketing and customer acquisition efforts.

Executive VP of KCKC, Mark Guest, called the new ISO model ideally suited to the complex and challenging contemporary environment, and pledged KCKC’s dedication to providing the intuitive and comprehensive support infrastructure for licensees to make sense of it all and drive their home-based businesses to record revenue generation.

Mr. Guest said that simplicity was the guiding principle when it came to engineering an entirely new compensatory arrangement which can escape the “traditional multilevel marketing requirements of heavy sponsoring”.