Kahzam Inc. provides web-based, multi-media driven platforms to associations and affinity groups. The company today announced it has acquired TeCOUP.com LLC, a provider of SMS Text Coupon Messaging utilizing patent-pending delivery services.

TeCOUP.com’s technology offers clients “next generation” access to advertising and communications through e-mails and text messaging.

“Our team couldn’t be happier with this new alliance. It broadens our opportunities on behalf of both current and future clients,” Jim Rinker, CEO and co-founder of TeCOUP stated in the press release. “Text messages sent to hand-held mobile phones represents the next wave in technology-based communications and advertising, and direct-to-cell-phone text-message advertising is the first new advertising medium since the creation of Web site-based advertising nearly two decades ago It provides advertisers an unprecedented ability to deliver an ad message in real time to millions of carefully-targeted and receptive opt-in cell phone owners including Kahzam’s association and affinity group clients.”

The timing of the acquisition is key for both Kahzam and TeCOUP. TeCOUP recently secured a national distribution agreement with Safe4Hours to promote new health and beauty products through the more than 7,000 Walgreens stores across the country.

“Using TeCOUP’s unique services not only allow consumers to save money, but they can also find the nearest Walgreens simply by texting a request,” Jim Rinker, CEO and co-founder of TeCOUP stated in the press release. “This is a win for Safe4Hours®, for Walgreens – and for TeCOUP.”

Kahzam president and CEO J. Franklin Bradley said TeCOUP’s market reach and network marketing ability made it an ideal acquisition for Kahzam.

“Kahzam’s comprehensive platform of next-generation online search and portal services targets the $30 billion dollar Association and Affinity Group market, which includes a strong focus on mobile-based delivery to its customers,” Bradley stated. “We created the Kahzam business model realizing the importance of direct-to-cell-phone communications and advertising delivery to our clients and advertisers. The acquisition of TeCOUP locks down the patent-pending technology necessary to that component of our company and is a significant building block needed to fulfill the Kahzam mission. TeCOUP’s strong management team and existing book of clients only enhances our excitement and enthusiasm for this new alliance.”