Kaley Cuoco has definitely moved on following the end of her divorce from former husband Ryan Sweeting. The “Big Bang Theory” actress has revealed in a recent interview that she is not ashamed of her failed marriage.

The actress was candid during her interview on the show CBS This Morning Tuesday. Cuoco spoke of her divorce from Sweeting and her outlook on love following the split, Entertainment Tonight reported. She commented that she does not regret anything that happened in her love life. Cuoco also mentioned how she would “fall in love really hard” with a person. “I go deep and that person is it for me,” she stated.

However, Cuoco has shared that she does not look back when a relationship ends. “I love hard, and when it's over, it's over,” she said. The actress has also adopted a positive approach to life and shared her excitement on what the future may hold for her. Despite the challenge that she faced with her failed marriage, Cuoco commented that she has become a lot happier now than “[she has] ever been.”

The actress also admitted that her negative experience with marriage has not put her off to falling in love. She recounted how even during the aftermath of her separation from Sweeting, Cuoco knew that she will fall in love again. “I can't even pretend to say that because it's not me, it's not my heart. I know that's not me, and I know I will again,” she said of finding love despite her failed marriage.

Cuoco has definitely found romance in the arms of her new beau, fellow equestrian Karl Cook. When asked about her new boyfriend, the actress described him as “special.” She also mentioned how their connection with horses “is special.”

Meanwhile, Cuoco and Sweeting has recently finalized their divorce, Us Weekly reported. The former Hollywood couple’s prenuptial agreement ensured that Cuoco will retain her earnings from the hit CBS show “Big Bang Theory.” The actress has signed a $72 million contract for the said comedy show. Cuoco will also keep their Los Angeles home located in the Tarzana neighborhood, as well as their Santa Barbara beach home.

However, Sweeting only received a lump sum amount of $165,000. Cuoco has also agreed to pay attorney fees amounting to $55,000 and cover the $195,000 payment for the tennis player’s two personal trainers.