Forward thinking and troubleshooting are two very powerful actions that can hold the key to the most intricate and difficult aspects of business. They lead to the type of results business’ look for when taking that leap into the unknown. For some companies, their resources are limited and require a bit of assistance, for one department or even companywide. Whatever the case, they know if they want to make it to the next level but don’t know exactly how to do it, assistance is necessary. But what type of assistance do they need?

Companies want to offer as much as possible to their consumers. Whether it be information about their product(s), the company as a whole, marketing and purchasing options, etc. It can cover a wide range of areas. When an outside company specializing in business solutions properly manages the situation, it provides the foundation of positive results and growth.

Kana Software, Inc. not only manages business solutions for companies, but they themselves are about to take a major leap forward into the global market. This multi-continent based software company is making a bigger name for itself by merging its management consulting services subsidiary, eVergance Partners LLC, into KANA, becoming; KANA Global Consulting Services. This will help close the gap between marketing, sales and service.

Chad Wolf, the former President of eVergance, has now been appointed to Senior Vice President, KANA Global Consulting Services. He will report directly to KANA CEO Michael Fields with all matters. This newly created position that Wolf holds will bring many new and exciting challenges. Both parties are extremely excited as they should be. KANA has just moved into the limelight.