It might just be the last new song released in 2015. Rapper Kanye West released a new song “Facts” just a few hours before the ball was scheduled to drop in Times Square ringing in 2016.

The song “Facts” (which you can listen to here) was released late Thursday. West has taken to releasing songs on special occasions. Last year West released the song “Only One” on New Year’s Eve and during the 40th anniversary special of NBC's “Saturday Night Live,” West released his song “Wolves.”

The new track “Facts” touches on some events of the past year including the sexual assault allegations against comedian Bill Cosby with the line, “Do anybody feel bad for Bill Cosby?”  West also raps, “2020 I will run the whole election.” West said earlier this year he was interested in seeking elected office, causing Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to offer the rapper some advice.

“I might want to give him some additional experience so he’s got, on all the other things he’s done on his resume, he’s got some kind of envoy role or something he could point to,” Clinton said. “I would not rule anybody out for vice president.”

Even with his new single, 2015 will be remembered as a musical year dominated by singer Adele. It took the singer’s album “25,” released in late November, only three days to become the bestselling album of the year. The release sold more than 7 million copies. She chose not to release the album on streaming services such as Apple or Spotify. Her album had the biggest opening since Nielsen began tracking album sales in 1991.

West, who was named GQ’s most stylish man of 2015, has said he will release a new album, “Swish,” in the coming months.