Kendall Jenner did not have a very relaxing weekend at Coachella. She reportedly had an awkward meeting with Amber Rose at the California music festival and a very public confrontation with performer Tyler the Creator.

Jenner, 19, went to the McDonald’s and Chevrolet pool party Saturday, but she found her reserved cabana taken by Rose, 31, Us Weekly reports. "No way, this is not happening,” Jenner allegedly said.

Rose has made her feelings toward Jenner’s family quite clear. The model has insulted 17-year-old Kylie Jenner’s rumored relationship with Tyga, 26, and said the rapper was dating a “baby.” She also slammed Khloe Kardashian on Twitter after the reality star tried to defend Kylie, and accused O.J. Simpson of being Kardashian's real father.

However, it seems this Coachella incident wasn’t an intended transgression. Apparently, the older model accidentally took the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star’s spot, but Jenner had her kicked out immediately.

When someone who worked at the party told Rose she had to leave, she said, “Well, my drink is here!” The escort said she had to go, so she walked out. Of course, she didn’t leave without making her feelings clear. Rose was “throwing plenty of side-eye at the reality star in the process,” Us Weekly reported.

Jenner found herself in the spotlight again when Tyler the Creator took the stage later that day. It seemed like Tyler was a little upset that the people closest to the stage were the people who paid more. “Y'all the n----- that got money and paid extra,” he said (via E! Online). “F--- all y'all, y'all boring. Everybody that's in the real crowd, though, I f--- with y'all. Y'all gonna have a good time. These motherf------- too cool.”

He went on to specifically call out the face of Estée Lauder. “Kendall Jenner here thinking she cute and s--t," Tyler said. "Hey, Kendall, Kendall, Kendall -- I'm over here to your right. F--- you.”

E! Online has a photo of Jenner raising a middle finger that’s supposedly a reaction to Tyler’s little rant. However, unlike Rose, Tyler isn’t actually feuding with Jenner or the Kardashians. On Twitter, the two seemed to hint that it was all in good fun.

A little drama didn’t stop the young model from having fun, though. Jenner has posted plenty of photos on Instagram with friends that show her having a great time at Coachella.