The Kardashians are really good at two things: bizarre behavior and exploiting themselves to make as much money as possible.

They recently decided to gallivant together through the Hollywood Forever cemetery in Los Angeles, where they looked for plots in a graveyard, according to TMZ. Though this might come on top as the strangest thing they've ever done, how about a top 7 list of the other usual things they've partaken in:

7. First and foremost, when most people think about the Kardashians they think about Kim's 72-day marriage to NBA star Kris Humphries. It's not like the inevitable demise of their relationship was surprising, it was just shocking that it happened be in a little over two months.

6. There's also the awkward moment when Kim nonchalantly tells Khloe that she wants to run for mayor in 2015 randomly, and then Khloe doesn't even acknowledge her.

5. Khloe has done some strange things of her own. She's not shy about her sexuality, and even decided to bring a sex swing into her room to spice up her love life with husband Lamar Odom. The sex swing, though uncommon, isn't the oddest part. The Kardashian weirdness comes into play when the sex swing breaks and Khloe smashes down on top of Lamar.

4. How about the matriarch of the family, Kris Jenner? She decided that she wanted some more post-menopausal sex with hubby Bruce. Apparently Bruce was having some issues with his member, so she decided to remedy the problem by secretly placing Viagra in his coffee. Great idea Kris, except for the fact that son Robert drank the coffee instead and could have potentially lost his manhood.

3. It's not the only time Kris has harassed one of her kids. After the momager wrote her tell-all book, tabloids began to question whether or not the late Robert Kardashian was Khloe's biological father. In a truly mature fashion, Kris ambushed Khloe with a DNA test, even though Khloe had made it clear to her mother that she knew Robert Kardashian was her father, and she did not feel the need to prove it to anyone.

2. No one lives forever - - it's not news that at some point everyone will die, but shopping for plots together as a family, that's just plain strange. The only reason this isn't number one on the list is because everyone dies at some point and so this might be the closest the Kardashians have come to grasping reality.

1. Drum roll please... the weirdest thing the Kardashian family has ever done is when they made a family video lip-sync video to Notorious B.I.G.'s Hypnotize. This means they actually paid someone to film them lip-syncing, proving that there is no limit for their insanity or vanity.

Do you think these are the 7 weirdest things the Kardashians have ever done?