KARK meteorologist Brett Cummins has resigned his post at the station after being found asleep next to a dead naked man wearing a dog collar.

The Arkansas television station announced on its 10 p.m. newscast on Friday that Cummins no longer worked for KARK. The station announced that Cummins, who worked at the station since 2001, stopped working for Channel 4 on Friday afternoon but didn't reveal further details.

The weatherman achieved nationwide infamy after a police report hit the Internet that he was found next to the dead naked man in a bathtub.

Christopher Barbour, the resident of the house where the body was found, told police that he witnessed Cummins, 33, drinking and snorting illegal narcotics with Derrick Williams, 24, in the bathtub.

Barbour told police that he left the two men in the Jacuzzi bathtub at around 11 p.m. to fall asleep on a couch. When he returned the next morning he found the two men in the bathtub with no water in it, and woke Cummins up.

Brett screamed and became ill and left the bathroom and vomited on the carpet in the living room, Roussie wrote in the police report, according to ABC News.

Authorities have not charged Cummins in Williams' death, but are still investigating the death.