Chris Brown is reportedly possessive about his on-again, off-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran and does not want her to be with someone else, a source told Hollywood Life. The “Loyal” singer feuded online with supermodel Tyson Beckford after the latter posted a photo with Tran on his Instagram account over the weekend.

Brown has been trying to get back with Tran, who broke up with the 26-year-old singer after she discovered he had a child with model Nia Guzman. Brown allegedly threatened Beckford in a series of posts -- which were later deleted -- for partying with Tran in Las Vegas over the weekend.

“He basically told Karrueche that it makes him look like a fool and less of a man when she’s out parlaying with other men,” a source close to the situation told Hollywood Life. “He told her that ‘ain’t cool’ and that he still loves her and wanted to express his love for her in his own way.”

Following several threats from Brown, Beckford fired back at the singer by posting a video of himself shooting a gun, saying: “Just in case you forgot,” TMZ reported.

A friend of Tran told Hollywood Life that the 27-year-old model is furious with Brown for fighting with Beckford over a “harmless” selfie.

“This is one of those crazy and over-the-top incidents that Karrueche’s shaking her head over,” Tran's friend told Hollywood Life. “For starters, she’s not with Chris. Secondly, she thinks he’s doing way too much.”

Tran is just friends with Beckford and the photo of them was “innocent and harmless,” her friend, who was not named, reportedly said, adding: “It’s cute…if you’re in high school. The only drama Karrueche wants in her life are the scripts she has to read for a role. Other than that, she hates all the drama.”

Brown has reportedly been taking great pains to prove to Tran that he is a changed man and also wants her to spend time with his daughter Royalty. Some reports claimed that Royalty's mother did not mind Tran interacting with the 11-month-old as long as she didn't cross a line.

“That would be a problem for Nia,” a source told Hollywood Life. “Small gifts here and there and on special occasions are cute, but Karrueche would be out of line if she were buying Royalty a lot of expensive things like clothes and toys on a regular basis. That’s Nia’s job, not Karrueche's.”

On Monday, TMZ reported that Brown and Guzman have been fighting over Royalty's custody after the former stopped paying child support. Brown was reportedly paying Guzman $2,500 a month in child support, but he allegedly stopped the payments in March when Guzman demanded $15,000 a month.