Karrueche Tran posted a picture on Instagram — wearing nothing but one of Chris Brown’s Bathing Ape shirts while in bed. The caption with the photo was simply, “Good morning.”

Tran, however, quickly took the picture down after seeing Rihanna and Chris Brown sitting courtside at the Lakers game in Los Angeles on Christmas Day, publicly showing displays of affection.

Rihanna was even wearing a gold necklace that Brown recently bought her. Although Rihanna had been vacationing in the Barbados, and Brown was on tour in Africa, the duo made sure they were together for the special holiday.

The reunion between Brown and Rihanna comes days after she posted a postcard on Instagram that shows a doctor measuring the weight and height of a small boy.

The caption reads, “….and you’re still a little [expletive].” Rihanna also wrote alongside the photo, “Maybe next time.” People who commented on the picture believed it was a jab at Tran, who is very slim and just a little over 5 feet tall, while Rihanna is 5 feet, 8 inches.

“Lol is this shade being thrown at karruche?” one commenter wrote.

The photo was posted a couple of days after Tran posted a picture of herself in lingerie and red lipstick with the caption, “Merry Christmas baby.”

Last week, while on the Wendy Williams show, singer Christina Milian addressed the relationship status between Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran, with whom she is close friends.

When Williams asked Milian about the love triangle between Brown, Tran, and Rihanna, Milian replied, “From what I’ve always known, she’s his girlfriend. That’s where it lies for me.

“I see everything in the media, but I don’t really get into the detail of it. But I think everyone has their own lives and how they deal with things."

She added, "They have the right to handle it how they want. Karrueche is a sweetheart and I think they make a great couple. I do love her. She’s a really good friend of mine.”