Karrueche Tran revealed that her father is gay in an interview posted online on Tuesday. She also offered some advice to the members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan who are dealing with Caitlyn Jenner’s transition into a woman. Tran spoke at length about her own experience and how she can relate to what the famous reality show family is going through.

"My father is gay. I think I've never told anybody just because I don't realize that that's not necessarily normal," said Tran as she spoke to Madame Noire in an online interview. Unlike Jenner, who is just now beginning his transition, her father was open about his sexuality as she was growing up. Tran revealed that she realized that he was different from a very early age. Back in elementary and middle school, she said that she gained a perception of what gay means from her environment, television and also through talks with her dad as well as her mom.

While somewhat similar, Tran points out that the two situations are also quite different. First of all, Jenner is transgender but says that she is heterosexual and has only ever been interested in women.  However, she identifies as a woman and has now changed her appearance to look like a woman. For Tran’s father, it was different. "It's not like that, he is himself, but he is homosexual, he is gay," she explained.

Despite the differences, the two situations result in confusion and pain among the family members. “It’s a hard pill to swallow,” Tran said. However, she offers some advice and tells the Kardashian-Jenner clan that “you have to be accepting of people and how they want to be and if that's their choice of their vision then if you love them you got to support them."

Right now, Tran is focusing on her own life and career. She isn’t letting any setbacks bring her down, including her botched relationship with singer and rapper Chris Brown. She said that she finds it rude when people refer to her as somebody’s girlfriend or ex-girlfriend.

Tran is determined to establish her own name and identity outside of who she is dating, she says. She revealed that she has started a new web series called “Vanity,” which airs new episodes every Thursday. The series is produced in partnership with makeup brand Maybelline.

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