Kate Middleton has made the knee socks famous by dressing her tot Prince George in them. The Duchess of Cambridge buys the stuff from Chelsea Green in London. The picture-perfect look of little George can be replicated by mom’s all over the world by shopping the look from a children’s boutique.

The mother-of-two buys the famous socks from none other than Amaia Kids. The quaint kids store is best known for knee socks and timeless children's clothes. Amaia , a tiny, independent boutique is co-owned by Spanish-born Amaia Arrieta and French-born Segolene Tresca.

The details of Amaia and its famous designs were revealed in the new episode of the video series, “Make Me Kate.” The British royal has been buying the traditional ribbed socks for two-year-old George since a long time. She has the socks in at least five colors and buys them again and again when her tot outgrows them.

The princess also bought some tights at the store for her daughter Princess Charlotte. “It's put us on the map. We are a very small shop in Chelsea, but now many people around the world know us,” Arrieta said, talking to People. She added that even she was surprised by the vast popularity of the knee socks, which are available in an array of colors.

The designer said the socks have created a revolution. Though earlier there was a good demand for the socks, of late it had become crazy. She added in Spain and more so in all of Europe, the socks have been a classic piece of an ensemble, but not really for everyone.

Baby Charlotte’s first birthday is about one and a half months away on May 2. George’s little sister would wear pink on her special day. Arrieta said Kate had gone all pink for the toddler, adding the color was very traditional for girls including baby pink, powder pink, dusty pink.