Kate Middleton is not your average duchess. 

Instead of draping herself in million-dollar exotic silks and all the Crown Jewels, Middleton opts for simpler, budget-friendly styles while performing her new role as Duchess of Cambridge.

Of course she splurges every now and then, but you will typically see the lovely brunette in extremely unpretentious -- sometimes High Street -- fashions. 

Some of Middleton's favorite brands include Zara, L.K. Bennett and Whistles. All lines are rather inexpensively priced, which makes it easy for the 'Every Girl' to copy her coveted style.

The 29-year-old effortlessly blends her country girl roots with her new royal status. Thus, her outfits are sophisticated and timeless, yet youthful and modern.

You will never see Middleton in some wild new trend. She consistently chooses ensembles that can be worn at any time, in any place, and still be en vogue.

She typically opts for a neutral palette of subdued colors like opal, beige and white. Sometimes she will add a pop of amazing color like burgundy, navy or forest green. 

Middleton steers away from wild prints, choosing clean, monochromatic looks instead; and, of course, everything is perfectly tailored. 

On Monday, November 28, the prestigious British Style Award will be given out to the individual representing the face of British Fashion. Middleton is in the running (due to popular demand) along with Lara Stone, Alexa Chung, Emma Watson, Florence Welch and Edie Campbell. 

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