Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton was praised for embracing her natural motherly curves during the public’s first look at Prince George outside St Mary's Hospital after giving birth in July, but it appears the 31-year-old is officially back to her original weight.

Middleton was spotted by photographers on Monday showing off her post-baby body and weight loss just one month after giving birth to Britain’s newest royal. According to a report from Us Weekly, the new mom and wife of Prince William, 31, was seen during a solo shopping excursion at Waitrose supermarket on the island of Anglesey where the young family current resides.

Despite losing the weight in a speedy manner, a source close to Middleton revealed to the magazine that she shed the pounds naturally with the help of light exercise and breastfeeding. “Kate's still breastfeeding and the small weight she gained while pregnant has just melted off. She's not dieting. After giving birth, she did continue with her yoga,” a source said, also claiming the couple has recently taken up walking.

While some praised the Duchess for flaunting her mother figure, OK magazine was flamed by readers for publishing a story regarding Middleton's “weight loss regime” only one day postpartum. “For this magazine cover to be in UK shops on the same day Kate left hospital with her newborn baby is contemptible,” Parentdish.com editor Tamsim Kelly told UK’s the Mirror in July. “It’s unrealistic for the vast majority of new mothers, who simply don’t need this sort of media pressure – the Duchess of Cambridge included.”

The Duchess was last spotted posing for the royal family portrait on Aug. 19 for the public’s second look at Prince George. The two publicly-released photos, which also featured the couple’s Cocker Spaniel Lupo, made history after it was reported that Middleton’s father Michael Middleton snapped the images. According to a report from Today, the fuchsia $72 Jolene dress that Middleton wore for the photoshoot sold out almost immediately following the  release of the pictures.