Kate Middleton has been known to be a fashion icon with her usually elegant and chic ensembles. However, the royal mother-of-two may have made her first fashion mistake during Queen Elizabeth II’s recently held birthday gala.

The Duchess of Cambridge, along with her husband Prince William and other members of the royal family, attended the Queen’s 90th birthday celebration held on Sunday, May 15. For the birthday gala, Kate wore a white long-sleeved lace dress from Dolce & Gabbana. The dress had a slightly bohemian look, according to People magazine. She also paired her dress with a boxy red Zara blazer with two oversized buttons.

The combination of the white lace dress and red coat appears to be a different fashion approach from Kate’s previous chic choices. Some fashion critics were also confused with the Duchess’ dress combination, as indicated in the same report. Although, Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s mother’s red coat appear to match Prince William’s red cuffs and red collar.

“WhatKateWore” fashion blogger Susan Kelly shared in an interview with People magazine that Kate’s said fashion ensemble came as a “surprise.” Kelly also commended the Duchess of Cambridge over her expert mixing of “high/low labels.” Prince William’s wife’s Dolce & Gabbana white lace dress retails for $5,995 while the red Zara coat is around $99. However, some critics consider the two items as an odd combination and a less than perfect look for Kate.

Kelly also made mention of the same observation. She described the Duchess’ dress combination as “out of character” for the usually fashionable royal. "It had me wondering if there might have been a minor domestic disaster of the baby kind? Perhaps a close encounter with George or Charlotte?" Kelly wondered.

Meanwhile, a few fashion watchers considered the same ensemble as stylish. A report posted on InStyle described Kate’s white lace dress and boxy red coat combination as an “elegant look.” The Duchess of Cambridge was said to have turned heads with her “stunning but effortless style.” It appears that many royal watchers also found Kate’s coat stylish since it already sold out in stores.