The contents of Kate Middleton's handwritten thank-you note were published by the UK's Daily Mail, revealing two slightly embarrassing spelling errors.

The Wimbledon Museum has displayed the 2008 letter, which is addressed to The All England Club, thanking officials for accommodating the future Duchess and a friend during a July 2008 visit to Wimbledon.

 In the letter, Middleton writes 'quite' when she means 'quiet', and in a lesser offense, adds an erroneous second 'l' when abbreviating 'until'.

Certainly not the kind of mistakes one would want displayed in a museum, but the errors are perhaps not *quite* so egregious that they demand scrutiny over the cost of Middleton's public education (in the UK, public schools are more like private schools in the US) or a reminder that her brother is dyslexic.

Here is the text of the note as published by the Daily Mail:

'Dear Sir. Thank you for your kind hospitality at Wimbledon last week. My friend and I had such a fantastic time and it was great to be able to enjoy the day knowing that we could have a little peace and quite if things got a little too hectic.

'It was a wonderfully relaxed day and we even spent part of it on the Henman/Murray Hill, which was great fun.

Thank you again for making it such a fun and easy visit.'

'Best wishes, Catherine Middleton.'

It is believed the Duchess was consulted and gave her permission for it to be revealed to the public, the Daily Mail writes, perhaps unaware of her errors.