Kate Middleton has been revered as one of the greatest fashion icons of the year and she did not fall short of her reputation at her first Royal Christmas, dressed in a plum-colored fitted coat complete with a magenta hat and gold drop earrings; she dazzled.

The Duchess of Cambridge confirmed to the Sun Newspaper that she would be required to change outfits five times during her first Royal Christmas. While the Daily Mirror spotted the 29-year-old dressed down to a grey coat in the early church service, her afternoon change into a deep burgundy coat caught the attention of the village crowd.

One part of her outfit that really stood out next to her Jane Corbett magenta hat, were her 18ct gold drop earrings. According to the Daily Mail the gold -drop precious- stone earrings are made by Chelsea-based Kiki McDonough, and worth £1,900. The biggest rumor on the Royal mill is that they came as a Christmas present from her husband, Prince William.

Middleton has been spotted wearing other kinds of Kiki Jewelry this year, including: a small silver diamond-studded cross on chain and matching diamond earrings, the Daily Mail reported. She has also been seen in a pair of 18ct Citrine drop earrings valued at £495.

Speaking about Middleton, the designer told Vogue that it was wonderful to see such a stylish woman, wearing her designs. Princess Diana had also worn her jewelry designs in the past.

Middleton was among 27 guests at the 20,000-acre Royal Estate this Christmas. Kate will need a casual outfit for breakfast, a smart outfit and a hat for the morning church service, a dress for lunch, a cocktail dress for early evening drinks and a full-length dress for the evening meal, ABC News' royal correspondent Kate Nicholl told GMA.

Since marrying Prince William in a Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen dress, Middleton has been heralded for her sense of style. In visits to charity organizations the media as much, if not more, closely than the visits themselves has covered the duchess' outfits. Her wardrobe has been followed so closely that in November Middleton topped British Harper's Bazaar's best-dressed list.