Kate Moss married her rock star boyfriend, Jamie Hince, in Southrop England on Friday, after nearly a four-year engagement which saw several ups and downs.

The bride wore a gown designed by John Galliano, the controversial designer who has been sued for his anti-Semitic and racial rants. Hince wore a grey-blue suit by Yves Saint Laurent. Moss’s eight-year-old daughter, Lila Grace, was one of the 15 bridesmaids.

It was a wham bam rock n' roll marriage, a source told US Weekly. She came out of the church with the bridesmaids and just snogged his face off - a couple of huge kisses, then the doors to the Rolls Royce opened and rock music blared out for everyone. It was a 'Wow, Kate Moss is married' moment.

Kate Moss reportedly closed off two villages to prevent intrusion from unwanted guests. Both guests and local residents have been given permits to be allowed in and out of the villages.

Reportedly 400 guests attended the event. including Primal Scream bassist Gary Mani Mounfield and his wife.

This will be my third celebrity wedding in a month with Lily Allen and Noel Gallagher, the musician told Metro. Me and my Mrs are one of the hip couples to invite at the moment.

A number of other celebrities were in attendance including close friends Naomi Campbell, Brian Ferry, Sadie Frost, Jude Law, Jade Jagger and US Vogue editor Anna Wintour, according to the Daily Mail.

Kelly Osbourne, who attended the wedding , tweeted,: This is the most beautiful, loving, amazing wedding I have ever been to. it's magical when you see people really in love!

The wedding celebrations are supposed to last for three days . Kate Moss’s Cotswold home has been turned into a veritable fair ground , and the party theme is supposed to be gypsy, according to reports.

A stage for live music has been set up. It is believed that Iggy Pop, Snoop Dog, Carl Barat and Pete Doherty will play at the reception.