Kate Moss revealed her biggest tips and tricks for beauty recently. The British model, now 41, said she likes to start her day with a hot shower and body scrub, admitting that she has a trick to get her skin glowing.

“I always finish my shower with a blast of cold water to wake me up and get the blood to the surface – it’s so invigorating,” she said. The mother of one likes to keep things simple on a day to day basis. For Moss, who has been in the industry for 27 years, there is little room for mistakes.

She takes care of her skin by applying face oil at night. It gives a feeling that the skin has been restored and is nourishing. “You feel like you’re plumping up your skin and just putting a bit of life back in it,” Moss told.

Since her job involves traveling the world and attending glitzy parties, she tries to stick to a good skincare routine in the evening, Hello reported. She likes to try different products, but her go-to for skin care is Crème de la Mer. Moss uses the original Moisturizing Cream at night as it is slightly heavier, but for day time, she opts for the Moisturizing Soft Cream, which enriches the skin.

Her make-up essentials are mascara and highlighter. For most of the day, she opts for St. Tropez Skin Illuminator for a little extra glow and stronger lips. However, even one of the world’s most beautiful women is sometimes too tired to remove her make-up. Not taking her make-up off before bed is her biggest beauty crime, she admitted.

Despite having access to the world's best hair and make-up experts, Moss said she prefers to stick to her own beauty regimen for her trademark look. She does her things herself and hates all to be pampered. Instead of a manicure, she prefers hanging out with her daughter Lila.

Moss occasionally indulges in facials with celebrity favourite Nichola Joss. She recounted that she felt most beautiful on the day of her wedding to Jamie Hince. The memory of the wedding is still fresh in her, like the beautiful lighting and the wedding dress. She said it took 80 hours to hand-sew the sequins on the dress and the day was perfect.