Kate Gosselin and her brood of eight children are back. After two years of living their highly publicized lives off-camera, TLC caught up with the famous reality TV family Thursday. The "Kate Plus 8" special, which featured the family’s matriarch, Kate Gosselin, 39, and now 13-year-old twins, Mady and Cara, focused on the planning for sextuplets, Collin, Alexis, Aaden, Leah, Hannah, Joel’s May 10 birthday party. (Dad Jon Gosselin, 37, was not present for the special.)

While all of the Gosselin children played a central role in Thursday night’s special, Mady vied with her mother for a majority of the most shocking moments. Before TLC airs part two of the 2014 special “Kate Plus Eight: Sextuplets Turn 10” next Thursday at 10 p.m. EDT, here are the top five OMG moments from the return of Kate Gosselin and her kids to TLC:

The New Time Out

After Mady was scolded for interrupting Kate during a family-outing planning session, the mom of eight revealed she gave her oldest daughters phones in order to use them as ammunition when they misbehave. “I got those girls cell phones and iPads so that I could take them away. Yes, indeedy,” admitted Kate. “Find their currency and that is it. And that is what works for them. You get their attention because you cut them off from their friends.”

Gaga Ball Game

Count Kate Gosselin as one of the parents who believes every kid shouldn’t win a trophy. During a family game of gaga ball, the reality-TV star mom stopped at nothing to beat her eight kids. “You’re done! Bam!” Kate said after tagging her children out of the game by kicking a ball at their ankles, including a visibly injured Mady. “Did it seem too harsh? Was it the right thing to do? It was a game with a mushy ball, so, like, really did it scar her for life? No,” said Kate.

The mom later explained her win-win attitude, saying, “Hate away, but I have a problem with parents who let their kids win, because nobody is going to let me win. While I’m saying, 'do your best, work your hardest, try your hardest,' why I am then in a fun game, letting her win? The message carries over. Do your best, work your hardest, try your hardest and If I’m not trying my hardest, then I’m not being an example of what I’m saying.”

Brotherly/Sisterly Love

After Kate admitted that her six youngest are easily swayed by the opinions of twins Mady and Cara, Mady shared her hope that her kid siblings wouldn't consider her a role model. "They better not,” Mady said when asked if she thinks the sextuplets look up to her. “I’m an awful role model. Have you seen me? I just sit in my bed all day.” Despite Kate’s attempts to reason with the teen, Cara remained unconvinced. “Mady threatens them,” Cara told cameras.

While Mady vocalized her fears about her potential role-model status in the Gosselin household, she had no issue later insulting the youngsters' appearance. “They have such bad hair. I can’t,” Mady said. “They dress themselves and they shouldn’t.”

Mady’s Life Plan

Before their fourth birthday, twins Mady and Cara were joined by their six youngest siblings, an addition to the family Mady claims interrupted her life plan to live in a family of four. “You kind of like intruded on my whole life plan here when I was like three and half, and it was to not have six brothers and sisters,” the teen said following a particularly intense party planning session with the sextuplets. While Mady may not be the biggest fan of her brothers and sisters, she did share her affinity for one of the girls. “I like Leah… I think,” Mady admitted.  

"Rabid Beasts"

After taking all eight kids to pick out party decorations, Kate compared her famous brood to wild animals. “I’m exhausted and fighting off eight rabid beasts at time," Kate said, adding, "And yes, I just called my children rabid beasts and I think that every parent, if they were being honest, would call their child a rabid beast every once and awhile."