The Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant and James Harden along with super model Kate Upton are staring in a new viral advertisement for Skullcandy headphones that is burning up the internet.

Upton, Harden and Durant and surprisingly funny in the ad, which features an invented holiday, Take a Super Model to work day, in which Harden and Durant bring Upton to the Thunder facility for a day.

All three are very, very funny, as well as the fourth person in the ad, Jim and his magic hands.

Skullcandy calls the ad Episode 1, and over the next few weeks, Skullcandy will showcase more celebrities taking models to work on their YouTube channel.

Upton is becoming a bit of a sensation in viral videos. Her Carl's Jr. commercial took the internet by storm a few months ago, and a viral video of the then 18-year-old Upton doing the Dougie at a Knicks game catapulted her to the kind of fame that made her this year's SI Swimsuit Edition Cover Model.

A video of a bikini clad Upton dancing the Cat Daddy, just went viral yesterday on Youtube before being pulled off the site for violating their policy on nudity and sexual content.

Check out the ad below.