Katherine Heigl is back on the big screen with a heavy New Jersey accent and a nude scene, starring alongside Debbie Reynolds as a bounty hunter in One for the Money.

The action comedy is based on a Janet Evanovich's novel about Stephanie Plum, a divorced, unemployed woman who becomes a bounty hunter to make ends meet. Daniel Sunjata plays a man who helps Plum hone her amateur bounty-hunting skills, while she tries to track down her former boyfriend, who is played by Jason O'Mara.

I read the books when I was first approached about the project. The first one led to the second and by the time I got to the 10th, I was pretty hooked and obsessed. I just love Stephanie. She's savvy, brave and has a big heart. Her perspective on life and people is sort of wacky, charming and fun. She's got this great caustic sense of humor that I really responded to, Heigl told Reuters.

Heigl, who is best known for romantic-comedy roles in films such as 27 Dresses and The Ugly Truth, was asked which parts of the action sequences proved to be the greatest challenge.

I was pretty bad with the handcuffs. I really wanted to master the art of cuffing somebody quickly and efficiently. There's something about holding somebody's hands in a crossed way and trying to slap a cuff on. I didn't want to hurt the co-stars I was working with in the scenes, she said.

Heigl also put great focus on the amount her characters eat in the books, even though it wasn't that explicit in the film script.

She never stops eating, it was driving me nuts and it was my own thing, Heigl told On The Red Carpet. Like it wasn't necessarily in the script but I was like, It's in the books. She has to be eating in every scene!' So, I did it to myself.

Heigl also stars in a brief nude scene in the movie, where O'Mara catches her in the shower. She told On The Red Carpet that the scene was shot quickly, but it was a bit weird when she had to put little bits on things to protect the real. Heigl explained that it can be more absurd than being fully naked.

I have to always wonder what the crew is thinking. I look like a Barbie. I have no nipples and--it's weird, she told George Pennacchio of KABC Television.

Aged 33, Heigl is trying to break away from romantic comedies. I wouldn't mind breaking out of that genre a little bit. This movie had a murder mystery vibe to it, a kind of a caper film, so it was a different spin on the same formula, she told Reuters.

In the Future, Heigl says she would love to write or direct, or do another TV Show. I watch 'Homeland' and think Clare Danes is brilliant and if an opportunity like that came my way, I wouldn't say no, the former Grey's Anatomy star said.