Television personality Kathie Lee Gifford threw a party to honor her late husband Frank Gifford, who died on Aug. 9.

During Tuesday’s “Today” show, Kathie Lee revealed why she and her family did not hold a funeral service for her departed husband, People reported. Kathie Lee explained that Frank hated funerals, and this was the reason why she decided to have a “nice and simple party” instead of the usual service. 

“We played Frank Sinatra all day long and we had a party. The only criteria was, if you were there you had to be somebody that he adored," Gifford said.

The “Today” host also spoke about the tribute that the New York Giants are planning to honor the former football player. She mentioned that the Giants’ will be wearing a No. 16 patch on their helmets this season. Aside from the NFL team’s tribute, Gifford also talked about plans for a celebration to honor her husband’s life accomplishments. She mentioned that the event is still in the planning stages and that it will be "some way to celebrate Frank's life that the public could come to."

Kathie Lee even opened up about her husband’s life and his unwavering faith during the “Today” show. According to E!News, she described Frank as a man, who “trusted in a living God – not a religion, but a living God.” She went on to share how their morning went, the day when the NFL star passed away.

The TV show host shared how her late husband “passed away instantly” while preparing for mass. He was wearing a white shirt and tight black pants -- an outfit, which Kathie Lee said, was her favorite look for her departed husband.

Frank Gifford died at the age of 84.

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