Three weeks ago, Kathy Griffin stripped for Anderson Cooper on New Year's Eve while hosting the countdown in New York with the CNN host and made him more than a little nervous. Now, Griffin has stripped on the air for talk-show host David Letterman.

Drew Barrymore had done something similar for Letterman in 1995, famously flashing him. This week comedienne Griffin continued her stripping practice in the New Year by dropping her dress on Letterman's CBS Late Show. It was a clumsy event, and she even had to get Letterman to help unhook the dress. 

It all came about as Griffin was talking with Letterman on his talk show about when she stunned Cooper during the New Year's Eve coverage. The Late Show played a clip of it, and then she offered to do the same for Letterman.

I'll do it right now, she said.

Go ahead, Letterman said.

So Griffin proceeded to drop her black cocktail dress, revealing a black bra and some torso flesh. Letterman, 64, stood close by watching with an awkward glare, before helping her with the unhook.

You can watch it all here in the video below: