Katrina Darling, the banker-turned-burlesque dancer cousin of Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, reportedly received a six-figure sum for posing for September issue of Playboy.

One of the photos from the eight-page spread featuring 22-year-old Darling popped up online on Monday, showing the burlesque stripper posed on topless on a sheepskin rug.

The improper has one of the photos from Playboy, which you can view here. Some of the others are on the Katrina Darling press page of Playboy.

According to The Daily Mail, the royal cousin received as much as six figures for the Playboy photos.

Darling and Middleton learned she and the newest royal were related days before the wedding to Prince William in April last year. According to the underground starlet, Darling's grandmother is the sister of Middleton's great-grandfather, Thomas Harrison.

However, the two have never met despite being second cousins once removed, and Darling said back in July that it would be "awkward to meet Kate."

"I'm not sure what I would say in that sort of situation. But I'm sure we would find something to laugh about in it all," Darling told Fox News.

Before becoming a burlesque dancer, Darling was a banker at Barclays, having put it on the back burner to pursue her dancing career. She has made a name for herself with a routine to "God Save The Queen" inspired by Wueen Elizabeth;s Diamond Jubilee where she "wears a tiny crown and tosses around a skirt with the colors of the British flag," The Sun reported. The tabloid also reported that she has performed at a Mayfair nightclub in which both Prince William and Harry frequent.

However, Darling said not all of the attention she has gotten, both in the UK and the U.S., has been good.

"I've been called God knows what in God knows how many languages. I try not to take the negative attention as a personal attack, I try not to pay attention. I try not try read the press too much, so I don't know what they're saying about me," she said.

The September issue featuring Katrina Darling hits newsstands on Friday in North America and the UK.