There might be some deep meaning behind Katy Perry's latest single, The One That Got Away. Her recent break from British comedian Russell Brand has just been finalized, and the two celebrities will be officially single again come July. Although the separation was referred to as amicable by a source close to Brand, the breakup has brought some changes for the California Girls singer.

1. Katy Perry is selling her loft home located in Tribeca, Manhattan. Any fans wishing to catch a glimpse of the pop star wandering around the downtown district are out of luck. The New York Post reported that Perry's penthouse, which she purchased just 18 months ago with her estranged husband, is now on the market. The luxury apartment includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a cherry wood staircase, and a terrace with a full city view.

2. The Teenage Dream singer will be taking back her maiden name, according to divorce documents obtained by TMZ.  The filing stated that the ex-couple had reached a comprehensive written settlement, and the music sensation's name would be restored to Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson.

3. If some Firework listeners or Get Him to the Greek fanatics are dying to know more about what really happened between the two stars, they might be able to get their fix. Us Weekly reported that Brand is planning on publishing a memoir containing details on the faltered marriage, which his ex-wife seems to be unhappy about. Katy is insulted and feels betrayed that Russell has treated her so poorly, a friend of Perry's told the publication. She will never forgive him. Ever.

4. Rumors have circulated that the split between Perry and Brand could have been the result of drug issues. Katy runs with a really wild crowd, a source told Star magazine. However, there has been no proven record of the E.T. songstress dealing with substance-related issues.

5. Although there has been speculation about Perry and Brand's current relations, the divorce itself was as amicable as it gets, a source told TMZ earlier in the month. The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star is entitled to half of Perry's earnings, but the British actor refuses to accept it. He doesn't want Katy's money, the source said. He's happy to walk away with the money he's earned, which is far less than what Katy raked in.