Katy Perry set Twitter ablaze Thursday night after she kissed Niall Horan and Harry Styles from One Direction on the lips after she presented them with the moon man for Best Pop Video at the 2012 MTV VMAs.

Through tweets on the micro-blog, the One Direction boys professed their love for Perry after seeing her movie, "Part of Me."

Perry reportedly reciprocated the tweets, saying that she also liked the boy's music.

But Perry really set One Direction's fans, the Directioners, on fire when she kissed the two boys.

Some joked that she was living out every teenage girl's dream by doing so.

One Direction beat out Justin Bieber, another fan favorite, for the moon man for Best Pop Video.

Their song "What Makes You Beautiful" beat out Bieber's "Boyfriend."

"Katy perry you should consider yourself lucky for kissing Niall and Harry!" @all1d posted

"I don't understand how Katy Perry can calmly go to sleep tonight knowing her lips touched Niall's and Harry's lips." @HarrysBows tweeted.

Some more fans weighed and wrote just what they thought about Perry kissing two of the One Direction boys:


"Katy Perry gave Niall the 'yes' to go through TXF. Today: She just announced 1D winning "Best Pop Video at the VMA's. RT If you're PROUD!"

Another one said, "Katy Perry just lived every teenage girls dream. She kissed Niall Horan and Harry Styles on the lips."

There have even been rumors in the past that Katy Perry might have been romantically interested in one of the One Direction boys, but she set that straight during an interview.

"They went and just saw the movie and tweeted some really nice things about it. They are very cute boys but very illegal for me," The Irish Independent quotes her as saying.

"They've been so sweet to me every time I meet them, they're like the biggest thing in the world right now. I'm thrilled for the success they're enjoying and love hanging out with them - [Niall Horan] is just lovely," she said.

Check out the video where Perry kisses Horan and Styles on the lips.