Katy Perry is facing pregnancy rumors once again this week. According to a new report from OK! magazine via Classicalite.com and Fashion & Style, the 28-year-old “Dark Horse” singer recently had a pregnancy scare with her boyfriend of one year, fellow singer John Mayer. Despite the alleged unplanned pregnancy resulting in no baby for the on-again off-again twosome, the couple is now reportedly planning to have children.

“Things are going full-steam ahead for John and Katy,” a source revealed to the magazine. “As everyone knows, they’ve had their rough spots, but it’s all ironed out and things are just wonderful for them right now. They couldn’t be more in love.”

While Perry has yet to confirm or deny the reports on social media, she previously commented on allegations that she was expecting a child in November 2011 after being spotted sporting a “baby bump” during an appearance at the American Music Awards. Perry’s excuse for her bulging belly? Fast food. “I like In-N-Out Burger and Taco Bell, and if you want to make that pregnant that’s your problem,” said Perry via a report from People magazine, who also admitted that drinking alcohol was a priority in her life.

Perry ignored new rumors that she was expecting following one of her multiple splits from Mayer in September 2012. Star magazine reported that Perry had a previous “pregnancy scare” after she was spotted buying a pregnancy test in Los Angeles. “Katy had a panic attack and was scared she could be pregnant,” an insider told the magazine, also adding, “She was always careful when they hooked up, but she had a weird feeling and wanted to take a test to calm her mind.”

According to a July 2012 report from Us Weekly, Perry’s unreadiness to have children was the main reason behind her divorce from her former husband of two years, actor and comedian Russell Brand. “A baby can't have a baby -- and I'm still a baby,” said Perry during her 2012 documentary “Part of Me.” A source confirmed to the magazine that a main reason behind the dissolution of their marriage was Brand’s desire for children. “[Russell] feels there's no point in being married if you don't have kids. [He] is ready to move on," the source said then.