Katy Perry is moving on from the defeat of her presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, to Republican party’s Donald Trump. To set her mood as she resumes her work, the “Roar” songstress took to social media to share a meaningful statement from renowned novelist Toni Morrison.

On Thursday, Perry shared on Instagram a photo of Morrison that also features one of the author’s powerful messages that centers on how civilizations heal when artists work. The quotation is from Morrison’s write-up for The Nation back in March 2015. In the opinion piece, the Nobel Prize recipient emphasized how artists should not be silent amid trying times.

Perry may have chosen Morrison’s statement since a part of which states, “There is no time for despair, no place for self-pity, no need for silence, no room for fear.” Ever since Clinton lost to Trump, the singer-songwriter has been very active on Twitter in spreading the message to her fans about fighting for what is right.

As a staunch supporter of Clinton, Perry is among the many people who were devastated over the turnout of the recent presidential election. In more than one occasion, Perry took to Twitter to empower her fellow Clinton supporters and the people who continue to protect “freedom, liberty and equality for all.”

However, it appears that Perry’s efforts to counter the negativism of Trump’s election to the Oval Office may have already gotten the best of her. Perez Hilton revealed recently that Clinton’s loss is affecting Perry’s music and the completion of her new album since “Prism,” which was released way back in October 2013.

An unnamed source told The Sun Wednesday that Perry has decided to make some changes to her songs, so they could “inspire healing” in a country that’s obviously been divided since Trump became the next-in-line president.

“Katy has reworked the direction of her album so it reflects what she believes to be unsettling and changing times. She had the album ready to release by the end of the year, but has been inspired to write new songs which she wants to add to it,” the source said. “She hopes her new music can inspire healing, peace, and unity after Trump's win."