HST Global, Inc. is a development-stage biotechnology company committed to acquiring, developing and commercializing innovative products to enhance cancer care. The company determines to acquire proprietary rights to these products, fund their R&D, and bring the products to market. Since HST's inception, they have focused their efforts and resources primarily on Salicinium, a clinical stage drug candidate, as well as raising capital and recruiting personnel.

The company's focus is on in-licensing and further advancing drug candidates that are undergoing or have already completed initial clinical testing for the treatment of cancer. Although the cost of licensing drug candidates that have already completed initial clinical testing is significantly greater than those that clinical testing has not been completed, HST believes there is significantly less risk associated with the investment and continued development of clinical stage drugs since they are able to obtain an initial indication of the drug's safety and efficacy before investing capital for the drug's development.

HST utilizes a unique core concept in clinical drug development. Unlike many other pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide, HST is one of the few companies working to establish relationships and partnerships for the development of prescription drugs from natural sources to address current and emerging health crises.

HST holds to the belief that the synergy among the parts of a plant or substance from another natural source has significant value. These synergies are possibly one reason for the positive outcomes the company has encountered in pre-clinical and clinical investigations. HST takes this approach because they believe that plant co-factors, instead of a single chemical entity, will increase the overall safety and efficacy of the medicines that will potentially be produced through their efforts.

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