Visualant, Inc. is dedicated to capitalizing on the extensive business opportunities in national security, document forgery/fraud, brand protection, label fraud and product tampering. Each of these segments has security vulnerabilities that cost businesses billions of dollars each year. The modern world demands solutions that will increase the safety and security of our country, its citizens, and the world.

Fraud, forgery, and counterfeiting have become big business. Detecting fraud is difficult, making it easy for counterfeiters and terrorists to take advantage of antifraud systems' serious limitations. Fraud and legitimate behavior continually change, so protection systems that cannot evolve easily quickly become outdated.

Visualant's novel technology can be used for a range of critical applications, including national security, forgery/fraud prevention, brand protection, and product-tampering protection. While some of the same functions can be performed with other existing technologies (such as facial, retinal, and fingerprint scans; or placement of barcodes and holograms), none offer all the attributes provided by Visualant.

Counterfeiting, fraud and forgery is threatening the vitality of industries worldwide and has grown dramatically in scope, scale and complexity in the last two decades. Because false identification and counterfeit products can cause great damage, lost revenues, and jeopardize the safety of every human on the planet, vast opportunity exists for Visualant's next generation security solution.

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