Kylie Jenner is all grown up: She's 18, has a full-blown career and her own home. The Kardashian family, specifically Kourtney Kardashian and Kris Jenner, attempts to help her celebrate her new digs during Season 11, episode 10 of E!'s "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," but are they overstepping their boundaries?

During the show Kourtney, 36, pops over to sister Kylie Jenner's new home for a "grand tour." During the visit she suggests throwing a housewarming party, which Kylie, 18, is open to on one condition — she want's a "chill" get-together rather than an over-the-top Kardashian-style bash. She reveals that rather than inviting everyone she knows, she'd like to keep the guest list down to just the people she loves most, but that's quickly overlooked. Kourtney continually suggests ways to make Kylie's party unforgettable, including a slide down one backyard hill into the pool. Kylie attempts to shut down the idea without flat out saying no, but it seems to fly over Kourtney's head. The more plans start to come together the more overwhelmed Kylie becomes. She eventually seeks the guidance of dad Caitlyn Jenner, who tells her to stay true to herself and do the party her way. In a one-on-one confessional interview Kylie tells viewers she plans to take her dad's advice and throw this party the way Kylie house parties are going to be thrown.

The big day arrives and is decidedly more low-key than Kourtney had in mind. Kylie arranges a beautiful dinner made up of all her family's favorite foods. Everyone compliments her on both her hosting and her beautiful home, which pleases her. Even Kourtney admits she's proud to see how adult her little sister is and how much she's taken away from her family about how to host a party and maintain a home. Unexpectedly a food fight breaks out between Khloé and Kourtney after the fitness fanatic smears sour cream on her sister's face. Kourtney retaliates with guacamole, but finds that more of it gets on her than her sister.

While the party train chugs away, Khloé Kardashian struggles to balance all that's expected of her. She sits down with her mother/manager, Kris, to discuss her overbooked schedule and the effect it's having on her mental state. Kris wants little to do with Khloé's complaints and quickly brushes it off, which Khloé doesn't appreciate. She tells her mother that she's prioritizing her managerial duties over her daughter's well-being before leaving. Khloé continues to stress throughout the episode as she tries to juggle meetings, her personal life and editing her book "Strong Looks Better Naked."

Kim Kardashian attempts to reason with her, telling her to take some time for herself, but Khloé's vision is too crowded by her stress to see the bigger picture. By the end of the episode she's finished the book and is finally able to celebrate with her sisters. She admits that writing the book, not matter how stressful, has been therapeutic and helped her to get back to living all the things she wrote about.

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