AM Oil Resources & Technology Inc. announced yesterday that it has chosen Keith Alan Johnson to be its new President and CEO. Mr. Johnson has more than three decades experience in the energy sector, including more than 20 years with Southern California Gas Company (now known as Sempra Energy Utilities) where his primary responsibilities were transmission and marketing management.

Mr. Johnson began his management career with the natural gas transmission network, working on high pressure natural gas pipelines and the distribution systems that feed commercial and residential customers. Mr. Johnson also has hands-on experience with the management and installation of co-generation plants and the transportation of produced products. Additionally, Mr. Johnson served as the Executive Vice President of Marketing for Green Aero Energy where he developed marketing strategies to bring new, state-of-the-art wind technology into the marketplace.

Through his experience, Mr. Johnson has acquired management skills that promote better and more efficient ways to utilize and produce energy serving in domestic and international markets. His extensive background and oil and gas contacts is anticipated to prove to be a valuable asset to AM Oil Resources & Technology Inc.

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