After nine months without a Dean, Northwestern-Kellogg announced that Sally Blount, Dean of NYU Stern's undergraduate graduate program, would take the helm; Dean Blount follows the popular Deepak Jain, who served an eight year term at Kellogg.

Blount earned a Ph.D. from Kellogg and taught at Chicago Booth, prior to joining the NYU-Stern faculty and ultimately assuming the position of Dean in 2004. Dean Blount has been lauded at NYU for her fundraising abilities and her international perspective - as 75% of Stern undergraduate students now study abroad during their time at the school, up from 25% at the beginning of her term. While much will be made of Dean Blount being a female dean, what is particularly notable is that's he comes from an undergraduate program. Generally, schools tend to poach each other's deans or promote from within.